Crossmaxx® Competition bumper plate 50mm – Litaðar

10.990 kr.34.990 kr.


The LMX85C Crossmaxx® competition bumper plates (coloured) are durable, high quality, vulcanised rubber bumper plates that are suitable for intensive commercial use.
Vulcanised rubber is rubber that has undergone a process that strengthens it and as such the bumper plates more durable.
The colours of the LMX85C Crossmaxx® competition bumper plates (coloured) comply with the Olympic Weightlifting regulations and have a matt finished with embossed, white text.
The galvanised metal core consists of four parts that have been designed not to come loose and the bolts always remain tight.
The LMX85 Crossmaxx® competition bumper plates comply with all IWF standards (weight, colours and dimensions) which means they are suitable for use in competitions.
The small ridge on the edge of the plate makes handling them easier and creates consistent contact points when they are loaded onto the bar.
The high density of the rubber means this series gives a low, controlled bounce, even when dropped from an overhead position.
These bumper plates are particularly suitable for weightlifting.